4 Kids Travel Essentials Worth Splashing Out On!

With summer holidays just around the corner, I thought I’d share my top picks for products that your little one will love!

NB neither I nor Turtle Pack work with any of the brands I’ve talked about in this list; they’re just great products that I think you’ll love. So grab a coffee and read on (and feel free to add an umbrella if it makes you feel like you’re on hols! J)

Slipfree swimming pool shoes for kids

  1. Slipfree Shoes

Though it’s (unfortunately) not a common problem here in Scotland, walking on hot paving stones or sand with bare feet isn’t fun! Slipfree have created an amazing range of quick-drying shoes that can be worn both in and out of the pool. The shoes provide excellent grip both on the poolside and beach, and come in a huge range of designs – they even have adult sizes! Their “Mini Me” range also means that the whole family can coordinate and have the same design!

I really love these as an alternative to more clunky sandals or wetsuit boots, and think that Slipfree’s idea of them being both a “home” and “away” product is fantastic – I’m actually going to get a pair for when I’m teaching at the Turtle Pack Swim Academy!

Kids travel pillow Trtl

  1. Trtl Pillow Junior Travel Pillow

So I have to admit, this recommendation comes from both personal experience and from solidarity based on being a Scottish company with the word “turtle” in our names! J

The team at Trtl created a game-changing travel pillow after realising that there was a way to innovate something that had remained unchanged for years. After a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, Trtl is now selling internationally with a full product range and literally hundreds of rave reviews (including one from me!)

Kids simply wear the Trtl Pillow Junior like a scarf and the ergonomic, scientifically-proven design provides outstanding head and neck support during journeys. A brilliant addition to your little one’s suitcase and again, you can get your own adult-sized one right here.

JoJo Maman Bebe swimming kids swimwear

  1. UV Swimwear from JoJo Maman Bebe

I speak with a lot of parents who are justifiably worried about what kids should wear in and around swimming pools on holiday. Sun protection for little ones is vital, which is why I love the swimwear range at JoJo Maman Bebe. Not only do the swimsuits offer UPF 50+ (98% effective at blocking UVA rays), they have a range of great designs and styles.

The fabric is lightweight and quick-drying and will keep covered areas safe from sunburn. The bright patterns and colours will also make your little one easier to spot in the pool! JoJo also do a really cool range of swimming nappies if your little one is on the younger side – again, great for home and away use!

Please note that children should always use a high factor sunscreen. This should be re-applied repeatedly. Swimming is a physical activity, so it’s vital that children remain hydrated throughout the day

Trunki kids suitcase with Turtle Pack swimming aid

  1. Trunki Travel Case

If you’ve been in an airport in the last few years, you’ll definitely have seen a Trunki or two! This cute – but extremely durable – ride-on suitcase not only looks amazing but is hugely practical too. Packed with great features, Trunkis are loved by adults and kids alike.

Travelling with a Trunki is like having a toy built into your luggage; perfect for keeping kids entertained when you’re waiting to board or collect your luggage at the other end. The interior is also really roomy (you can fit a Turtle Pack Swimming Aid easily inside FYI!), meaning that your little one’s carry-on luggage is both useful and fun.

With a mind-boggling array of designs and the option for your child to design their own, there really is something for everyone in terms of looks. There’s even a Gruffalo Trunki, so your little monster can travel with their very own little monster!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our whistle-stop tour down the kids travel aisle! I know that travelling with children can be a headache at times, so I hope my recommendations help – both in and out of the swimming pool!

EAs always if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch or leave me a message on Facebook or Instagram!


Michael Harkins is an award-winning swimming instructor with over 10 years of experience teaching children and adults across Scotland. He is the founder of Turtle Pack, the author of The Adventures of Tiki the Turtle book series for pre-school children and runs the Turtle Pack Swim Academy – West Lothian.

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