Steph Wilson & Rachael Ladd – SWiRL Global – Turtle Pack
Steph & Rachael from SWiRL Global

Steph Wilson & Rachael Ladd – SWiRL Global

SWiRL Global was co-created by friends Steph Wilson and Rachael Ladd. Steph is a swimming teacher and Autism Swim Approved instructor, and Rachael is a designer. They met via the military as Steph is a Royal Navy veteran and both are military wives.

Both Steph and Rachael are parents to neurodiverse children and often met for coffee (or cocktails!) to talk over the challenges they face as parents. It was over one of these discussions that they came up with the idea for SWiRL; a business with accessibility at its core and a desire to grow a community to advocate, educate and signpost. 

One of the biggest challenges they faced was how best to help Rachael’s eldest son in his swimming lessons when he was having sensory issues with some of the equipment used. Biting or tearing at kit like floats is not only costly and damaging; its potentially life threatening if pieces are swallowed.

After talking at length over coffee and spending hours poring over the internet trying to find something to meet their needs, they did what all mums do – they set out to fix the problem themselves!

They’ve created a range of bite-proof covers for swimming floats which are now available on their website and are actively working to develop other new solutions to ensure that swimming is fun, accessible and child-centred.

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