About Us | The Turtle Pack® Story, Our Team And More!

About Turtle Pack®

Our philosophy is simple:

“Learn. Play. Swim.” 

We truly believe that children learn best when they’re having fun! That’s why all our products (including the award-winning Turtle Pack Swimming Aid) are designed not only to help promote the best possible swimming techniques, but they’re also incredibly fun to use too.

The idea for the Turtle Pack Swimming Aid came from acclaimed swimming instructor Michael Harkins from Livingston, Scotland.

Having worked as a swimming teacher for over ten years; Michael grew frustrated with the arm bands, swimming aids and swimming floats already on the market.

None of them quite managed to be both efficient and fun or offer kids the best options in terms of comfort, body position or freedom of movement.

Knowing that toddlers and young children love dressing up as much as they love being in the pool, Michael created a swimming float that combined a play element with high-end design and the highest safety standards. After winning The Sports Innovation Challenge in 2015, Michael went on to pick up a number of other entrepreneurial awards including Scottish EDGE, a Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowship, and winning both the Virgin VOOM competition and Baldwins’ KickStart awards.


The company’s Chief Executive Officer Ryan Carenduff formally joined the business in 2018, having been part of Turtle Pack’s journey since its early stages.

The Turtle Pack Swimming Aid officially hit the market in January 2019 and has since been sold to customers in over 20 countries; helping thousands of children around the world learn to swim.

Find out more about our team, our Board and our brand ambassadors.

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