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Turtle Pack Christmas Gift - Guest Blog
Thinking Outside the Gift Box
Our friends Steph & Rachael from SWiRL Global are back with this festive-themed blog! With Christmas around the corner, it’s got us thinking about just exactly what we actually need and...
A little girl is sitting in a swimming pool with a witch hat on and a Turtle Pack Swimming Aid in her hands.
Ghoulish Games – 3. Turtle Witches & Wizards!
As you may know, we have a Halloween-themed eBook called “Ghoulish Games!” that you’re able to download and keep – totally free! Encouraging your kids to swim with pool games...
A Turtle Pack Swimming Aid float shell is lying on the side of a swimming pool. It is filled with multicoloured plastic balls.
Ghoulish Games – 2. Turtle "Trick or Treat!"
I’ve written a Halloween-themed eBook called “Ghoulish Games!” that you’re able to download for free! Playing games in the pool with kids helps to re-affirm that learning to swim is...
Ghoulish Games - 1. Turtle Cauldron
Ghoulish Games - 1. Turtle Cauldron!
I’ve created a brand new Halloween-themed eBook called “Ghoulish Games!” that you can download in full, for free! It’s so important that kids enjoy their time in the pool, and...
A child is swimming in a swimming pool with a SWirRL float and a Turtle Pack
3 Benefits That Water Provides to Sensory Needs
Welcome to Deep Dive with SWiRL Global! Deep Dive is Turtle Pack’s new guest blog series where we talk about all kinds of topics – both in and out of...
Top Tips for Teeth!
Top Tips for Teeth!
The second guest blog in our 'Parental Painkiller' series. Make sure your little one has great oral health with these top tips for teeth from the Tiny Tooth Fairy.
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