The 5 Best Swimming Aids for 5 Different Kinds of Swimmers!

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When it comes to swimming aids and pool floats, we know thereā€™s a plethora of options out there for you to choose from! Whether your little one is about to start baby swimming lessons, you want to boost your childā€™s swimming confidence or are yourself an adult whoā€™s learning to swim, weā€™ve shared the options that we think are the best!*

We should add that we really do love anything that gets kids (and adults!) into the water in a way thatā€™s safe, effective, and fun. Enjoy our picks!

Three swimming aids including Turtle Pack are in a row

The Best Swimming Aid for Babies

JoJo Maman BĆ©bĆ© Baby Swim Float - Ā£16.00

We love to see little ones starting out on their swimming journey, so this Baby Swim Float is great for babies aged 0-24 months. Its inflatable design means that you can pop it into a changing bag and deflate it quickly when youā€™re not using it. Itā€™s also a vibrant and happy shade of yellow, which is bound to elicit smiles from your baby swimmer!


The Best Swimming Aid for Building Confidence

Turtle Pack Swimming Aid - Ā£49.99

As with most things in life; swimming is all about confidence! We know of too many children (including our Chief Marketing Officer David!) who had one bad experience and it knocked their water confidence. The Turtle Pack Swimming Aid was designed to combat this in two ways; firstly by offering parents and swimming teachers easily adjustable levels of buoyancy and secondly with a design that kids feel comfortable and secure wearing! Check out our reviews to hear more about the positive impact Turtle Pack made has on water confidence.


The Best Budget Swimming Aid

Speedo Junior Armbands - Ā£7.00

Ā Armbands get a bit of a bad rap, but if youā€™re on a budget and want something cheap and cheerful then these ones from Speedo are perfect. Whilst theyā€™re a bit more restrictive when it comes to body position and movement than back floats like Turtle Pack, theyā€™re super easy to store and can be adjusted quickly by just adding or letting air out.

TMNT Swim Float and a swimming vest for adults

The Best Swimming Aid for Having Fun

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Swim Float - Ā£39.99

Learning to swim should be fun, but sadly we sometimes forget that, and it becomes more of a chore. The TMNT Swim Float ā€“ created in partnership with Nickelodeon ā€“ was created to combine an industry-leading swimming aid with a design that will spark kidsā€™ imagination! Afterall; who wouldnā€™t want to battle Shredder and his minions alongside the Turtles as they perfect their front crawl?! Cowabunga!


The Best Swimming Aid for Adults Learning to Swim

Konfidence Adult Swim Jacket - Ā£59.99

We firmly believe that everyone should learn to swim, so we were delighted to come across this neoprene float vest for adults from the team at Konfidence. Its fully adjustable strap design means that itā€™ll fit comfortably, whilst its removable internal floats allow for users to adjust the buoyancy as they get more confident.Ā Ā 

*weā€™re obviously a bit biased and know that ā€œbestā€ is a subjective term, so if you have your own favourites, then why not get in touch and let us know what they are!