The Best Age to Start Swimming Lessons

Swimming Advice

Key takeaways:

  • Learning to swim is a vital life skill!
  • Baby swimming is great for getting little ones used to being in and around water.
  • Weā€™ve found the best age is around two and half/three years old.
  • Itā€™s never too late to learn to swim!

ā€œWhat is the best age to learn to swim?ā€, ā€œWhen should my child start swimming lessons?ā€, and ā€œIs it too late to start swimming lessons?ā€ are questions I get asked all the time by parents.

Two children, each wearing a Turtle Pack Swimming Aid, are on the side of a swimming pool laughing

As a swimming teacher with 15 yearsā€™ experience, and a parent with a baby swimmer myself, I fully understand the importance of getting my little turtle water confident from a very young age.

Swimming is fundamental to a childā€™s development and boasts a wide variety of benefits:

  • Improves coordination, flexibility, balance, and posture.
  • Helps build a strong healthy heart.
  • Improves lung capacity.
  • Improves memory function.

On a very practical level, learning to swim is simply the ability to perform movements with your arms & legs that will propel you through the water. At my swim school, we start children at 2 and a half years, as before then I find that children lack the concentration, memory, and motor skills to learn to swim effectively. Itā€™s also why Turtle Packā€™s swimming floats are designed for kids aged 2 and upwards.

It can also be tricky to manage the behaviour of kids younger than this without having their parents present; from listening to instructions to not taking bites out of swim floats! šŸ¤£

Whilst I think that structured swimming lessons are best for kids aged 2 and a half, baby swimming classes are excellent for building water confidence and bonding with your child in and out of the swimming pool.

You can also begin your childā€™s swimming journey from somewhere much closer to homeā€¦the bath! As a new parent, my wife and I make a big deal about bath time, as itā€™s such a great way to build our little oneā€™s water confidence on a daily basis by splashing his face, getting him used to being in water and even blowing bubbles!

If your child is a little bit older and hasnā€™t started formal lessons yet then donā€™t worry! It really is never too late to learn to swim and many of our trade customers offer one-to-one or small group classes for older kids, teenagers, and adults too.

I hope the above info has been useful; please donā€™t hesitate to get in touch if youā€™d like to ask any questions about your childā€™s learn to swim journey!

A little girl is wearing a TMNT Swim Float and is sitting in a swimming pool next to Michael Harkins

Michael Harkins is the founder of Turtle Pack and has been a swimming teacher for over 15 years. He has been named ā€œSwimming Teacher of the Yearā€ and has won a number of high-profile entrepreneurship awards for his work in the creation of the Turtle Pack Swimming Aid.