Ghoulish Games! 1. Turtle Cauldron!

Ghoulish Games – 1. Turtle Cauldron!

A little girl wearing a witches hat in a swimming pool is holding a Turtle Pack Swimming Aid shell upside down
Get ready to play Turtle Cauldron!

I’ve created a brand new Halloween-themed eBook called “Ghoulish Games!” that you can download in full, for free! It’s so important that kids enjoy their time in the pool, and just one of the games could help you to get them excited about learning to swim. All games feature the Turtle Pack Swimming Aid, but you can also download my other pool games eBook for more that don’t! – Michael

Turtle Cauldron is a fun game to build your little one’s imagination and improve their water confidence. Getting kids used to having their head and face wet really helps to stave off any fears of being splashed!

  1. Start things off by asking “Who’s going to make a magic potion in their Turtle Cauldron?
  2. Ask your little one to sit on the side of the pool, with their feet resting in the water. Remove the outer shell from their Turtle Pack and place it on their lap.
  3. Encourage them to splash water into their cauldron to fill it up. Get them to mix the potion with their finger like a magic wand. If you have a sinker stick – available in most pool receptions – this can make a great magic wand!
  4. Ask your child to shout their magic word to complete their potion (maybe even throw in a spooky cackle or two!)
  5. Ask them what their magic potion does and then encourage them to pour their potion over their head.
  6. Repeat until the magic as started!

You’ll note that I didn’t suggest that you get magic potion poured over your head, but feel free to get involved!

A little girl in a swimming pool is wearing a Turtle Pack Swimming Aid and Michael Harkins is pouring water over her head from a Turtle Pack shell
Playing Turtle Cauldron means getting splashed!

Download the full “Ghoulish Games!” eBook for free here.

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