Ghoulish Games – 2. Turtle "Trick Or Treat!"

Ghoulish Games – 2. Turtle “Trick or Treat!”

Get ready to play Turtle "Trick or Treat!"
Get ready to play Turtle “Trick or Treat!”

I’ve written a Halloween-themed eBook called “Ghoulish Games!” that you’re able to download for free! Playing games in the pool with kids helps to re-affirm that learning to swim is about more than perfecting a stroke or floating around waiting for the fun to start! The pool games featured in the eBook use the Turtle Pack Swimming Aid, but you can also download our other pool games eBook for more that don’t! – Michael

Turtle “Trick or Treat!” is an exciting game that can help improve your child’s arm and leg action. You can also encourage them to build up speed in the water as they grow more confident.

  1. Start by throwing some floating toys* into the water.
  2. Set the scene by telling your child that “even Turtles go trick or treating at Halloween, are you ready to go?!
  3. Remove the outer shell of their Turtle Pack, which they will push through the water and fill it up with the Halloween treats.
  4. Encourage your little one to get the treats by kicking from their hips, toes pointed and using small fast kicks. Make sure their free arm is stretched out with their fingers together and scooping through the water.
  5. Ask them to retrieve all of the treats before midnight…when all the ghosts and ghouls come out to play!

*Balls from a ball pit make a great substitute to swimming-specific toys and are easy to spot in the pool. Just be sure to double check with pool staff and thoroughly clean them before and after use.

Turtle Pack Swimming Aid - Turtle Trick or Treat Pool Game
Who can get the most treats this Halloween?

Download the full “Ghoulish Games!” eBook for free here.

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