Ghoulish Games – 3. Turtle Witches And Wizards!

Ghoulish Games – 3. Turtle Witches & Wizards!

A little girl is dressed up as a witch in a swimming pool. She is smiling and wearing a Turtle Pack Swimming Aid
Watch out for Turtle Witches and Wizards in the pool!

As you may know, we have a Halloween-themed eBook called “Ghoulish Games!” that you’re able to download and keep – totally free! Encouraging your kids to swim with pool games and by having fun while swimming makes the whole experience magical (pun intended!) The pool games featured in the eBook use the Turtle Pack Swimming Aid as a back float, but you can also download our other pool games eBook for more that don’t! – Michael

This is a great game to improve your child’s listening skills and their reaction time, as well their body position for push and glides on their front and back.

  1. Tell your little one that Witches fly over the water on their front, whereas Wizards fly over the water on their back.
  2. Witches! – facing the water with hands holding onto the walk behind. Knees and feet together with feet flat on the wall. (Pictured below left)
  3. Wizards! – facing the wall with hands holding onto the wall edge. Knees tucked in with toes on the wall in front of them. (Pictured below right)
  4. Tell your child, that when you shout “Witches!“, they have to get into position and push off on their front. Alternatively, if they hear “Wizards!“, they have to get into position on their back and push off on their back.
  5. Encourage your swimmer to push off strong from the wall. Tell them to hold a good, streamlined position with arms stretched out and hands together. They should also make sure their legs are stretched out and feet are together.
Children wearing the Turtle Pack Swimming Backfloat foam shell are swimming in the water with other kids
Turtle Witches (left) and Turtle Wizards (right)

For this game, we recommend taking off either the outer shell or the outer and middle shells of your Turtle Pack. This will make swimming backstroke easier and will allow your child to easily roll over between the “Witches” and “Wizards” positions.

Download the full “Ghoulish Games!” eBook for free here.

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