Turtle Pack Swimming Aid and TMNT Swim Float Toy both on a plain white background

Turtle Pack: Perfect for Nervous Swimmers & Absolute Beginners

Unlike many swimming floats available on the market, the Turtle Pack Swimming Aid was designed with flexibility in mind.

Better suited for nervous or new swimmers than its Ninja-themed sibling, the removable shells act as swim floats and allow you to reduce or increase the buoyancy as required.

Shop Turtle Pack if: your child is just begining to learn to swim or is nervous in the swimming pool.

TMNT Swim Float: Perfect for Kids in Swimming Lessons & Imaginative Play

Who said that floats for swimming have to be boring?! The younger of the original Turtle Pack, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Swim Float Toy is as cool as it is fun!

Best suited for kids who have started swimming but who still need extra support or those that thrive on imaginative learning; this single shell product will delight both in and out of the pool.

Shop the TMNT Swim Float Toy if: your child has some experience in the water but still needs some extra support and a Ninja Turtle induced confidence boost!