Turtle Pack® Safety | Our Commitment To Safety Standards


At Turtle Pack, safety is our number one priority.

The Turtle Pack Swimming Aid:

The safety warning is included on the product, packaging, physical User Guide, digital User Guide, and on this website.

This safety warning is very important to ensure the safety of the end user as it clearly states the following:

The Turtle Pack Swimming Aid has a clear safety warning displayed on the product: WARNING. SUITABLE FOR 15-30KG WILL NOT PROTECT AGAINST DROWNING. USE ONLY UNDER CONSTANT COMPETENT SUPERVISION. EN71 & EN13138. 


We define “CONSTANT” as uninterrupted visual contact. 

We define “COMPETENT” as an adult over the age of 16 years who also has the ability to rescue a swimmer safely if they experience difficulty.

For more information, please download this PDF or get in touch

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