Michael Harkins – Turtle Pack
Michael Harkins is a swimming teacher from Scotland/the UK. He has taught kids to swim for over 10 years and invented the back float swimming aid Turtle Pack.

Michael Harkins

Michael Harkins is the Founder of Turtle Pack and also the company’s Chief Technology Officer.

Michael created Turtle Pack in 2015 whilst studying for his Masters degree in Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Heriot-Watt University. Having been a fully qualified swimming teacher for over a decade, Michael sought to create a kids swimming aid that would be both fun and effective. A Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellow, Michael has also won a number of high-profile business awards.

Something you may not know about Michael:

“I once won a 100m butterfly race but was instantly disqualified when immediately after diving in I realised I’d forgotten to tie my trunks and had to frantically adjust them to preserve what was left of my modesty!”

Michael’s BEST EVER birthday present as a child was:

“My mum and dad surprised us with a PlayStation 2; but I was too busy putting out the rubbish that I walked right past it!”