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Thinking Outside the Gift Box

Turtle Pack Christmas Gift - Guest Blog
This year, think outside the gift box!

Our friends Steph & Rachael from SWiRL Global are back with this festive-themed blog!

With Christmas around the corner, it’s got us thinking about just exactly what we actually need and choosing gifts that offer quality (and will hold interest beyond Boxing Day!) This year we will be concentrating on giving experiences that will help our kids grow and that will create memories for them to treasure for years to come.

Save a Life

It’s not the latest gadget, and it might take some time before kids understand the importance, but helping a child learn to swim is one of the most valuable things you can do. Whilst a range of extra curricular skills are important for children to develop as rounded individuals, none are quite as vital and fundamental as learning to swim. What can be greater than giving a child a lifeskill that’s life saving too?

Save our Sports

It’s no secret that the leisure industry has been one of the hardest hit this year, by investing in swimming you are not only gifting to your child but to your community, helping to sustain the future of your local facilities and the many businesses that support the industry.

So What Should You Actually Buy?

The good news is that there are loads of ways to support your child’s swimming journey and grow their love of water!

Swimming Lessons

A little girl is swimming with a SWiRL float in a swimming pool
Swimming lessons can make a fantastic gift!

It’s a bit of an obvious answer, but we know how easy it is to overlook swimming lessons or feel like you’ve missed out when all your child’s friends are already booked in! Many swim schools throughout the UK sell vouchers; meaning that you can gift swimming lessons or speak with family members to share the costs.

Turtle Pack’s founder Michael has a great blog about picking the right kids swimming lesson provider – you can check it out here.

Swimming kit & equipment

If your child has already started lessons look for equipment that will encourage them to take swimming to the next level or just support them on their swimming journey. 

A little girl wearing a Turtle Pack Swimming Aid is having fun in a swimming pool
Make a splash with the Turtle Pack Swimming Aid!

For younger swimmers (2-7) we LOVE the Turtle Pack. Swim teacher approved; this swim aid is a fun way to develop confidence without restricting movement in the water. As parents we love how secure it is, and that you can adjust the buoyancy by removing shells as your little one’s confidence grows. It’s also a great toy; our kids love playing with the shells in the pool and the bath or just using them in play with other toys at home.

Rachael and Steph from SWiRL Global
Rachael and Steph with the SWiRL cover!

Need a hygienic swim aid to conquer your anxiety as you return to the pools? Have a child with specific sensory preferences? Grab one of our covers, a great hygiene barrier that allows sensory exploration safely*

There are so many swim toys and support aids available that can help to grow kids’ confidence, assist them with sensory needs or just make the water more fun! Even finding the right swimming cap or swimsuit can make a huge difference when your child approaches the pool. 

And don’t forget the goggles! So many children hate getting pool water in their eyes, and whilst it is important to practice in the pool without them occasionally, they can be vital in boosting a child’s water confidence. Did you know that Turtle Pack have their own goggles too?

A little girl wearing a Turtle Pack Swimming Aid in a swimming pool is smiling with a pair of goggles on.
Grab some Turtle Pack Goggles!

There are several small businesses that can support your child’s swimming journey, and this year you can support them too by choosing to buy from them. As a small business supporting other small businesses check out what our pals over at Soul Cap and Core Aquatics are able to offer to support your own or your child’s swimming journey. 

Steph & Rachael, SWiRL Global x

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