Turtle Pack Swim Academy

Enrol your little one in swimming lessons that are “turtley awesome”!

Turtle Pack offers a full range of swimming lessons for children aged 2+, in which we combine the very best teaching techniques with our unique swimming aid. We offer lessons in locations around the country, taught by our passionate swim instructors – each of whom share our goal of helping children learn to swim in a way that’s safe and efficient and fun.


As you’d imagine; safety is our primary concern at each of our Turtle Pack Swim Academy locations. We work tirelessly to ensure that staff, parents and children all understand the importance of safety and the steps we can all take to make the pool a safe environment.

All teachers are trained and vetted swim instructors and Swim Academies are fully insured. Documentation may be requested at any time.

Turtle Pack Swim Academy follows a similar class framework to Scottish Swimming, however we’ve adapted and developed a programme that we feel can truly provide all swimmers the best opportunity to improve at an efficient rate.

Find out more about your local Turtle Pack Swim Academy and book your little one in to classes by clicking on the link below:

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